Modern construction technologies can not do without the use of nonwoven materials in road construction, laying of pipelines, housing, land reclamation, as well as support materials in the automotive and light industry.

In order to meet the needs of the economy in nonwovens in 1987 began construction of a factory of plastic pipes and protective filter material. The plant, designed by the French firm "TECHNIP" (technology firms "Rhone-Poulenc-Fibre"). The company specialists have been trained at the company factory in France.

In 1991 the plant was reorganized into Open Joint Stock Company "Pinema." Due to the large production areas and marketing studies has been expanded range of products of the company. JSC "Pinema" is a manufacturer of needle geotextile fabric to transport construction, fabric needled to ballast piping, non-woven cloth needle used as an underlying basis for linoleum. The manufacture of plastic pipes, plastic film and consumer goods from polymeric materials. Thanks to modern technology, the production of nonwoven fabrics is unique, highly efficient, capable of creating original material that meets the requirements of civil construction projects.

The company is constantly working to improve the quality of the product characteristics that can penetrate into new markets.

At all stages of the production cycle of product quality control. Control methods are developed in accordance with applicable State standards and specifications. The company implemented a quality system in accordance with the requirements of ISO 9000. Quality Management System certified nonwovens Dutch company KEMA KEMA obtaining certificates and the International Organization for Certification IQNET.

JSC "Pinema" successfully collaborates with major Belarusian and Russian consumers. The share of production for export, representing about 80% of the total production.

Fruitful cooperation on mutually beneficial terms with consumers by high technical-economic, physical and mechanical properties of products of JSC "Pinema" and the lack of complaints from consumers.

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